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1912/1913 Newspaper ads.
In 1920, the County committed $24,000 for the building of Sunset Park Elementary School. The site was 2011 Carolina Beach Rd. The building still stands as the Lucile Shufler Building, and is currently occupied by Opera House Productions.
This building is listed on "Most endangered structures" within the County. We have asked the County administration to apply for a 75 Year Old Historic Plaque.
The Association obtained a grant from the City, and matched the grant from our savings in order to erect the entrance sign below. This sign had to follow the guidelines for both the City and State regulations regarding Historic properties.
Decorative Concrete Solutions erected the sign. A generous grant from Davie Waggett purchased the bronze plaque (lower right side) proclaiming our designation on the National Historic Register of Historic Places.
At our Northern Blvd. entrance stand two brick columns. On each of theses columns is a bronze plaque, proclaiming our name and date the neighborhood was founded. These plaques were provided through the generosity of Mr. Andrews, of Andrews Funeral Home. Mr. Andrews grew up in Sunset park. This picture was captured on a snowy day.
In 2010, we obtained a generous grant from the Cape Fear Garden Club to beautify our plazas on Central Blvd. Many Azalea plants were planted on several plazas, however all of them did not survive. Five "Memorial trees" were also planted. These trees are thriving.
In 2013, we were able to plant 16 more "Memorial trees" (for a total of 21 trees) on several plazas, each one a living memorial to a deceased Sunset Park resident or relative. To learn more about how to memorialize someone, please contact us at spna28401@aol.com.
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